Anonymous: You just broke my heart, because Kate is like my least favourite character in the history of fiction.


sempiternal-distance: who's your favorite character on lost? I literally can't decide cause I love them all so much I just started watching it again and I'm already on episode 7 I can't stopppp

I can’t pick a single favorite. It’s impossible. I’ve tried to narrow it down but I just can’t do it. Everyone’s perfect. Everyone. god dang it I’m getting teary

I’ve managed to make a list of 5 (in no real particular order)

  • Kate
  • Sawyer
  • Ana Lucia
  • Sayid
  • Locke

But then I think of other characters?? like FARADAY KING FARADAY and DESMOND and JIN AND SUN and I just love everyone. dammit


2Apr 20th
Anonymous: love love love that sayid gifset. beautiful :)

Thank you!! But honestly, anything with Sayid’s face in it is beautiful. ;)

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sayid jarrah + hairporn
requested by anonymous

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teenagedrunks: oh my god i finished lost quite a while ago and i thought i was over it but then i found your blog and now i'm almost crying again. your blog is amazing!!

No one can ever really get over Lost. Thank you so much!

7Apr 17th
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Anonymous: What do you like better, psych-gifs or gifs-psych? hehe

I think you can guess my answer!! :) 

sun and jin + happy times
requested by valyrian-shadow

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vladlala: Hey , John Lock said something like that : " Don't confuse faith with coincedence " can you find out in which episod was that ?

Eko said “don’t mistake coincidence for fate” in 2x09. 

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4Apr 17th

your wife's hot!
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