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lostie815: I absolutely love every single one of your LOST gif sets. Flawless! LOL and I love your Hurley banner and profile pic :D

Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you enjoy it here. <3

jlover-love: I'm watching Lost and I'm in season 5. My favorite character is Locke, he's really good. But I'm so sad that he died...he didn't have to. The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that he died for all his friends

It doesn’t seem like it, but Locke really died so early. He is around for the, uh, flashbacks of season 5 I guess?? And he is in season 6, I wont tell you how because it will spoil you. But in all truth he died in season 4. He had so much further to go — so much more to do. :( 

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4Jul 24th

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Anonymous: I literally just finished watching Lost and i have never cried so much in my life. Your blog allows me to reflect on all the best parts of Lost now, thankyou! x

I’m so glad you enjoy the blog and the show!! Thank you!

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I loved them!! They both loved each other so much and Sayid didn’t deserve the pain he felt after he lost her. :(

5Jul 24th


7Jul 24th
Anonymous: I loved Locke. So much. his character meant so much to me.

Everything about Locke was sooo tragic. And it’s so terrible, because most people only remember his character from season 6 — which wasn’t even him! — and push him away saying he’s a bad guy. Which gets me so angry. I’ll kick the ass of anyone who says Locke sucks. For real. That’s how strongly I feel about him. 

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Anonymous: Thoughts on Daniel Faraday, Charlotte, and Miles?

Faraday is so fucking special and important to me. If he’s not in my top 5 favorites, then he’s definitely #6. 

I love Charlotte and Miles too! I so wished that Charlotte could have lived longer, because fierce, fiery English redheads make me weak in the knees (see also: Ginny Weasley) and her and Daniel could have had such a good relationship. 

I’m really happy that Miles lived all the way to the end, because he seems like the kind of character that the writers would kill off whenever they saw the opportunity. But they kept him which I think was a very good choice. :)

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6Jul 24th

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