Anonymous: So I just found your blog bc I'm currently watching lost (season 5) but I really don't want to scroll down too much bc spoilers but from what I've seen I already love your blog.

I don’t post many spoilers but if you guys would like, I can start tagging s6 stuff as spoilers (even though the season came out 4 years ago, haha.) Let me know if this is something any of you want!

Thanks, by the way. <3

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1Sep 20th
Anonymous: Were jack and kate together in the end? I thought they were such the cute couple!

It seems that way. They loved each other a lot. 

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1Sep 20th
Anonymous: Am I the only one who thought miles was like extremely cute

Miles was snarky and sarcastic and harsh and absolutely adorable. <3

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9Sep 20th
Anonymous: i think Miles' story was pretty sad, same with Faraday's and Charlotte's

Poor freighter people. I was happy that Miles got out alive, though — his character seemed like the type that would appear in a few episodes and then die violently. But that didn’t happen. :)

3Sep 20th

Lost re-watch | 6x6 | Sundown

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desmond--brutha: Apparently Ben was a great #2 in Hurley's book.

Ben’s a great #2 in my book too. Both Ben and Hurley are awesome. :’)

1Sep 20th
Anonymous: I love Hurley.

How could you not?

Anonymous: I love Hurley. Totally underrated character.

The thing about Hurley is that everyone loves him, but not as much as they love other characters. :( Poor Hurley. He’s #1 in my heart (and Ben’s, probably.)

2Sep 20th
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thedevilmonkey: What did one snowman say to the other?


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