sparklertiger: I'm confused as to who I should ship Kate with. I mean, I like her with Jack but she also has this thing with Sawyer and he loves her. I'm only on the 2nd season so it might change but for now I can't really ship her with anyone

You should ship Kate with staying alive and killing her enemies. ;)

Anonymous: God i hated shannon....

ok then

Anonymous: Locke had the most tragic backstory. And i loved his character so much.

I’m thinking we should start a Locke fanclub. That man deserves all the love in the world. Anybody agree?

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snbenning: I JUST FINISHED WATCHING LOST FOR THE FIRST TIME AND OH MY GOD I'M BAWLING LIKE A BABY AND I CANNOT EVEN HANDLE THIS RIGHT NOW I CAN'T EVEN!!!!! *WEEPS* I love your blog though! I've been trying to find the Losties on here so I have discussion buds!


There are losties everywhere. If you look hard enough, you’ll always find them. :’) We’ll be here for another 10 years, I promise. 

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countdowntoselfdescruction: I love your blog. I looove lost so far. Im in season 3 right now. I WISH CHARLIE LIVED LONGER like Claire was heartbroken :((

The next seasons are great, I promise, even without Charlie in them! :)

6Aug 14th
self-harming-fat-girl: Hi, I run a blog called mental-health-advice. We help with every mental health related issues like self harm, eating disorders or relationship, gender and sexuality issues. We created a live chat and have dozens of pages. It would really really mean the world to us if you could follow/post this for your followers, so we can help even more people. But, make sure that if you do follow, it is on mental-health-advice rather than this (my personal) Thanks in advance, Pauline

Thank you for letting me know! This is a very useful blog and you should all check them out! mental-health-advice

2Aug 14th

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fuckyeahlost: - “six seasons of TV’s most beloved sci-fi drama packed into one night of hilarious musical absurdity.”

lostie815: I absolutely love every single one of your LOST gif sets. Flawless! LOL and I love your Hurley banner and profile pic :D

Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you enjoy it here. <3

jlover-love: I'm watching Lost and I'm in season 5. My favorite character is Locke, he's really good. But I'm so sad that he died...he didn't have to. The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that he died for all his friends

It doesn’t seem like it, but Locke really died so early. He is around for the, uh, flashbacks of season 5 I guess?? And he is in season 6, I wont tell you how because it will spoil you. But in all truth he died in season 4. He had so much further to go — so much more to do. :( 

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4Jul 24th

your wife's hot!
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