Anonymous: Why isn't Jack one of your favourites?

Well, first of all, since Lost is a show with soooo many characters, it was hard for me to decide my favorite; it was even difficult to pick my top 5. I really appreciate every character on Lost, even characters like Keamy, because they provide such unique offerings towards the storyline. Just because I didn’t list Jack as a favorite doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate him. However, I do have some problems with him, and most of my complaints are nit-picky and silly and for those reasons I wont list them here. Despite this however, I do enjoy how Jack developed from a man of science into a man of faith.

6Jul 13th
Anonymous: Thoughts on Shannon?

I love Shannon! I loved how her character developed, but I also really appreciate her sass in the early episodes. I think she’s a very well-written female character and I wish she’d lived into the third season, because I think she would’ve been interesting in that environment. But then again I wish most characters had lived longer. :)

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3Jul 13th
Anonymous: I loved charlie and i think he was totally underrated

Actually, I think Charlie is pretty overrated. Have you met anyone in this fandom? :) I think Charlie had his moments, but there are definitely characters that I like more than him.

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6Jul 13th
Anonymous: I LOVED Boone. Just needed to say that.

Me too! How could you not love Boone?

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5Jul 13th
theoctopusofevilhabits: I just found this blog and I started scrolling through it and getting all emotional because this show was perfect and beautiful and wonderful and there aren't enough blogs dedicated to it, and now I'm sitting here at work trying not to cry. I have so many feelings about LOST I don't even know what to with them all.

Wow, I feel you.

I’m glad you’re enjoying this blog. I made it so that people can reminisce and cry so it seems like it’s working! The legacy of Lost will live on forever. <3

12Jul 6th

Sayid Jarrah + Flashbacks

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I’m very sorry for neglecting this blog over the past few months… I’ve been so, so busy! But I’ve begun to receive a lot of asks and attention to this blog lately, and I’m so glad that many of you are still here. 

Today I’m going to try and devote my time to all your messages and requests to make up for my absence over the past weeks. Thank you for sticking around!


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7Jul 6th

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disqusting: in so glad your blog exists you have no idea

*U* I’M SO GLAD YOU EXIST! Thank you!!

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9May 23rd

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